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    1. 由that引導的賓語從句。如:
    We knew (that)we should learn from each other.

    2. 由if/whether引導的賓語從句。如:
    Please tell me if/whether you have been to America.

    3. 由who,where,how等連接代詞或連接副詞引導的賓語從句。如:
    Can you tell me how I can get to the nearest post office?

    1. 引導詞關

    2. 語序關
    He is an honest boy. The teacher said. →The teacher said(that)he was an honest boy.
    Does he work hard?I wonder.→I wonder if/whether he works hard.
    When did he leave?I don’t know. →I don’t know when he left.

    3. 時態關
    I have heard(that)he will come back next week.
    He said(that)there were no classes yesterday.
    He said that light travels much faster than sound.

    1. 從句的主語如果是第一人稱,變為賓語從句則與主句的主語一致;如果是第二人稱,則與主句的賓語一致;如果是第三人稱,不用變化。如:
    “May I use your knife?”He asked me. →He asked me if he might use my knife.
    “Do you know her telephone number?”He asked me. →He asked me if I know her telephone number.

    2. 賓語從句的標點均由主句決定。主句是陳述句,用句號;主句是疑問句,用問號。如:
    Who will give us a talk?I don’t know. →I don’t know who will give us a talk.
    Do you know?Where does he live?→Do you know where he lives?

    If it rains tomorrow,I won’t come.(時間狀語從句)
    I don’t know if it will rain tomorrow. (賓語從句)

    1. 當主句謂語動詞是find,see,watch,hear等感官動詞時,從句常簡化為“賓語+賓補”結構,賓補為不帶to的不定式或V-ing形式。如:
    She found that the wallet lay/was lying on the ground. →She found the wallet lie/lying on the ground.

    2. 當主句謂語動詞是hope,wish,decide,forget,plan,agree等,且主句主語與從句主語相同時,從句可簡化為不定式結構。如:
    She agreed that she could help me with my maths. →She agreed to help me with my maths.

    3. 在連接代詞/副詞引導的賓語從句中,當從句主語與主句主語或間接賓語一致時,賓語從句可簡化為“連接代詞/副詞+不定式”結構。如:
    Can you tell me how I can get to the station?→Can you tell me how to get to the station?

    ---Do you know ________?
    ---Let me see. I remember it was on March 18th.
    A. why did they move here                    
    B. why they moved here
    C. when did they move here                  
    D. when they moved here

    ---Do you know _______ ?
    ---Perhaps tomorrow, but I’m not sure.
    A. how we’ll go to the museum               
    B. which place we’ll visit next Sunday
    C. when we’ll travel to Disney Land            
    D. why he won’t come here

    ----How about buying an iphone 6s for your birthday ?
    ----Oh, it’s maybe too expensive, Dad. Do you know ______ ?
    A. how much it costs                        
    B. how much does it cost
    C. how much it cost

    -----Could you tell me _______ ?
    -----My life is not what it used to be .
    A.what you think of yourself                  
    B.how you like your present life
    C.what your life is like after you became famous

    ----Excuse me, do you know _____yesterday ?
    ---Sure. It closed at 6:00 p.m.yesterday.
    A.when the bookstore closes                    
    B.when does the bookstore close
    C.when the bookstore closed                    
    D.when did the bookstore close

    ----Mr. Black, could you tell me_____?
    -----At 10:00tomorrow morning.
    A.where we’ll go hiking.                       
    B.when we’ll have a meeting
    C.whether you will come to may birthday party

    Do you know when ______today.
    A.is the bookstore closed                       
    B.does the bookstore close
    C.the bookstore closes

    We must remember ______.
    A.what our teacher said                        
    B.what did our teacher say
    C.what has our teacher said

    ---Are you going camping this after ?
    ---A typhoon is coming. I’m not sure _____the road to the mountain will be closed.
    A.which           B.what         
    C.whether          D.why

    My neighbor asked me _____ I heard the big noise last night or not .
    A.whether                   B.if             C.what

    ----Could you tell me _____ you’ll go to Paris?
    ----Next month.
    A.why           B.where         
    C.when            D.how

    ----Excuse me, but could you please tell me ______ ?
    A.where is the restroom         
    B.when the store opens   
    C.what time does it begin

    ----Excuse me. I’d like to take exercise but I’m new here. Could you please tell me _____ ?
    ----Follow me. I’ll take you there.
    A.how I can get to the airport             B.where the supermarket is
    C.how to get to the police station               
    D.which is the way to the sports center

    ----What did your father say to you just now ?
    ----He asked me _______.
    A.that I would like to see a movie               
    B.where I will spend my holiday
    C.if I enjoyed myself at the party               
    D.when did I attend the graduation party

    ----Could you please tell me _____ Zhang Aiping’s hometown ?
    ----The day after tomorrow, I think.
    A.when will you visit                          
    B.when you will visit
    C.why you will visit                           
    D.how you will visit

    Could you tell me ______ the beautiful mobile phone ? I want to buy one, too.
    A.when did you buy                           
    B.when you bought
    C.where you bought                           
    D.where did you buy

    17. 重慶B卷
    --- I like Super Brain very much. Do you know ______ on show?
    --- At 10:00 every Friday evening. It’s a good program to make science popular.
    A. where it is       B. where is it   
    C. when it is    D.  when is it

    ---Look at the stone bridge. Do you know ______it was built?
    ---In the 1860s. It is quite old.
    A.when           B.how           C.where       D.why

    ---Can you tell me ______ ?
    ---Sure. For about 3 weeks.
    A.how long Thomas has bought the bike        
    B.how long has Thomas bought the bike
    C.how long Thomas has had the bike         
    D.how long has Thomas had the bike

    ----Could you tell me _____?
    ----At nine o’clock, in ten minutes.
    A.how will leave                          
    B.when he has left
    C.why he is leaving                        
    D.when he will leave

    ----Could you tell us _____ the sports meeting ?
    ----On Wednesday this week.
    A.where we are going to have               
    B.where are we going to have
    C.when we are going to have  
    D.when are we going to have

    ----What did Max just say to you ?
    ----He asked me _____.
    A.if I would like to go skating               
    B.when did I buy this CD
    C.where I will spend the weekend            
    D.that I had a good time

    I wonder ______next week. Please call me when they return.
    A.when they will come back                 
    B.when will they come back
    C.when they come back

    ---Do you know _____ ?
    ---Sure. On August 5th, 2016.
    A.when will the 31st Olympic Games open     B.where will the 31st Olympic Games open
    C.when the 31st Olympic Games will open     D.where the 31st Olympic Games will open
    25.甘肅武威 I told the teacher _____ I had seen.
    A.what            B.which              
    C.where             D.that

    Could you please tell me ______ ?
    A.where is the Grand Hotel                 
    B.when the Grand Hotel is
    C.where the Grand Hotel is                 
    D.how is the Grand Hotel

    ----I wonder ______.
    -----Yes, of course.
    A.why we will visit this museum            
    B.when we will get to the museum
    C.whether the museum is worth visiting      
    D.what we can see in the museum

    —I just came back from Shanghai Disneyland. Can you guess _______?
    —I’ve no idea. But it can’t be cheap. I’ve heard everything is very expensive.
    A. how I came back home               
    B. how many days I stayed there
    C. how much I paid for the Micky Mouse toy

    ----David, look at the man in black over there. Can you tell me ____ ?
    ----He is an engineer.
    A.who is he                        
    B.who he is
    C.what he does

    ---could you please tell me _______?
    ---OK. I will go to Beijing next week.
    A.where will you go           
    B.how you will go to Beijing
    C.when you will go to Beijing     
    D.why will you go to Beijing




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